The Father Daughter Project — A Grand Experiment

Help us change the world. With your help we believe we can change the world – by improving the relationship between fathers and daughters.

Because he was the first man in her life, a father’s words and actions affected how his daughter perceives men and how she perceives herself fitting into a world dominated by men.  In fact, a dad’s impact on his daughter may be significantly greater than his impact on a son.

Her dad may have difficulty discussing feelings and emotions — because of how the male brain is wired differently than the female brain and because of defense mechanisms built into the male psyche.

We believe if this invisible barrier between a father and his daughter can be overcome even slightly, it may have a subtle and profound impact on both the father and the daughter.  Try it for yourself.

Please participate in our grand experiment. We believe a daughter can break through the subtle and not-so-subtle barrier with her dad — by interviewing him using certain strategically designed questions.  If you are a dad or a daughter, please help us by trying this experiment.  Your feedback will be extremely valuable.

  • FIRST, read or listen to the interviews and excerpts below, posted on this website.
  • SECOND, print out the interview questions.  Then, for daughters, interview your dad using these questions.  It takes about an hour.  (This works better when the daughter interviews her dad)
  • LASTLY, come back to this site and tell us what happened, and any ideas or suggestions you may have.  We’re anxious to get your feedback.  Enjoy!

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