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Surprising Discovery: Women can change their lives by improving the relationship with their father

Whether she realizes it or not, a woman learned much about what men are “really” like, and how she fits into a world mostly run by men, by watching and listening to the first man in her life, her father.

But what if she missed something? What if there are secrets buried deep that most men will not share… secrets that could change a woman’s entire understanding of what men (and her own dad) are “really” like?

The Father-Daughter Project™ was created to help answer these questions. For more than 35 years, its founder, James I. Bond, has been teaching, training and coaching a wide range of people at the world’s largest organizations on how to create the life they desire. And now this website and related resources can help you achieve the happiness and success you’ve always wanted in your life.

To get started, try our Social Experiment below; read our breakthrough book, The Secret Life of Fathers; and interact with us through this website and our social media. In this way, you’ll help us change lives… starting with yours!

Q: Have you ever thought about how your dad has affected you?

Without meaning to, her dad screwed up her life until…

Most of my mom’s adult life was affected by her dad’s bitterness (his wife had left him to raise four kids on his own). She didn’t realize it, but her first two husbands were emotionally abusive, in a large part because her childhood taught her that it felt normal to be with an unhappy man.

At 60, she met Norman, but felt he was too “square” for her. When I asked her what “square” meant, she started to realize that “square” meant he was too nice, and deep down she didn’t feel she deserved to be with someone who was that nice.

Three months later, she and Norman were married and lived 20 of the happiest years of her life. He passed away recently of Esophageal Cancer. Almost every day since his death, she thinks of what a wonderful life she had with him.

How different could her life have been if she hadn’t realized how much of a prisoner she had become because of the way her dad (unintentionally) made her feel when she was young?

So… Have you ever thought about how your relationship with your dad has affected your life?

-Screwed you up?

-Supported you?

-Something else?

Join the discussion and let us know.

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