How to Use These Interviews

The videos and interviews on this page will help you understand a little about how dads answer the “Daddy Questions.” If you’re willing and able, watch and read the interviews, then sit down with your dad or daughter and go through the “Daddy Questions” yourself.

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this. Many dads and daughters have told us how this simple exercise has had a profound impact on their happiness and sense of connection to each other.

Once you’ve finished with the interviews on this page, click this link to get to the “Daddy Questions.”

American Dad Struggles to Save His Daughter’s Life in a Taiwan Hospital

In this emotional video, we learn a powerful lesson about how one dad’s struggle can make the difference between life and death for a little baby.

With his premature daughter born in Taiwan, the hospital just wanted to let her die, saying that trying to save her would be hopeless. This father’s love and determination taught a nation the importance of never giving up, especially when a baby’s life is at stake. Time 3:28

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Ken – After Only Dating Women, a 9/11 New York City Fireman Now Has to Learn How to Raise One

“To me girls were like aliens… having grown up in a household with two brothers.”

“My daughter’s toddler years, I was her main care giver. I was at home with her because of my shift work.”

“Her first day of school was traumatic for me. I felt a great loss, dropping her off and then coming home to the empty house, and, ‘My little girl’s not a baby any more. {whispering} Where’s my little girl?’ {Almost crying} That was a tough day.”

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John – School Teacher Afraid to Get Too Close to His Daughter (and Women) Because of What Happened in His Childhood

“My mom did not get her intimacy needs met in her relationship with her husband and therefore was extremely clingy with her children… In a sense I was emotionally ‘incested’ by her.”

“It scared me because my daughter was acting exactly the way I was when I was a kid.”

“There’s a part of me that doesn’t feel like I particularly want to be my daughter’s confidant. That’s one of the things that my mother did with me, and I think it was not healthy.”

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Donnie – Drug Dealer Gives Up His Profession So His Daughter Would Not Be Ashamed of Him

“They were just like a bunch of dogs… and they were after my sister. I had to get a rifle and run them out of our house. I was probably in the seventh or eighth grade…”

“My daughter was definitely underage at sixteen when she got pregnant…”

{Sobbing} “I think probably, I would want to hear that I was forgiven for the pain that she had to go through for me to learn my lessons.”

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