Rule #2

As a Dad, do you spend time doing things together, just the two of you?

It’s amazing what daughters remember. We have chatted with hundreds of daughters who can recall spending time alone with their dad doing something inspiring, uplifting or just fun – things that may have happened twenty and even thirty years earlier. These are the things memories are made of. 

Yet, many dads cannot recall a time when they did something alone, just with their daughter. 

Sure they can remember family outings, trips to the zoo and amusement parks, and sporting events. But to recall a time when dad and daughter just did something, with just the two of them, few dads have this memory. 

Some dads solve this by scheduling time, perhaps once a month, where every child gets one day or one afternoon alone with dad. Just the two of you. No cell phone. No work. Just something dad and his daughter (and other children) could do together.

Hopefully some activity where you both could also chat about what’s happening in each other’s life. 

It doesn’t need to be complicated. 

Play a board game or a word game with just the two of you. Paint a doll house together. Go to a museum together. Create a family scrap book. Or just go for a walk in the park. Just the two of you.  You’ll be amazed at the impact to her and to you.  These are the things that build lasting memories and bonds between a dad and his daughter. 

Sadly, many dads and daughters delay doing anything together until there is a divorce. For others, they never experience the joy of being together, chatting about life, having a shared experience — just the two of you. 

Our suggestion is to not wait until it’s too late. Set it up now, today, this week.  Here is an appointment card for your daughter that may help you set aside time with her.

Following are a few ideas that may jog your mind, of things a dad and daughter could do together.


  • Go on a nature walk
  • Play board games and word games
  • Paint and decorate a doll house
  • Visit local and regional parks
  • Create a family scrap book or genealogy project
  • Play badminton, Frisbee, foosball, tennis, house putting (golf)
  • Play or learn golf together
  • Go fishing together
  • Go go-carting
  • Play laser tag
  • Learn and go scuba diving together
  • Go boating, kayaking
  • Learn and experience sky diving, riding the rapids, sports car racing
  • Go mountain climbing
  • Rough it out in the wilderness together, go camping


  • Visit an arboretum or museum
  • Learn to dance
  • Learn an instrument together
  • Visit local exhibits and displays (check tourist attractions, arts centers, etc)
  • Visit the theater
  • Take stand-up comedy or acting classes together
  • Take art, theater or film appreciation classes together


  • Explore yard sales
  • Go shopping, especially to far away or unusual locations
  • Visit tourist spots (see a tourist map)
  • Go on a car trip (day trips are great)


  • Explore new restaurants
  • Learn cooking, prepare meals for each other or together


  • Visit tourist attractions (get a tourist map)
  • Go to a theme park, zoo, aquarium
  • Visit regional exhibits
  • Go to a comedy club


  • Learn something together (scuba diving, golf, nature exploring, animal husbandry)
  • Go to a sports event – baseball, football, basketball, hockey, boxing, soccer
  • Go to the track – car racing, horse / dog racing
  • Do volunteer work together (manning soup kitchens, Habitat for the Humanities, Feed the Children, visiting elderly in hospitals)

 Remember: Don’t wait until it’s too late.  Set a time now, today, this week.