For dads, raising a daughter is very different than raising a son. As a 9/11 New York fireman with a six year old daughter explained it, “I grew up in a house with two boys, so to me [when I became a dad to a daughter I suddenly realized] girls were aliens.”

This amazing dad was among more than a hundred who came forward and agreed to be extensively interviewed for The Father-Daughter Project. From these interviews and over a decade of behavioral research, and from our own personal experience, has emerged these three simple rules.

Short and sweet, here are the rules that will help enrich and strengthen that amazing relationship that can only exist between a dad and his daughter, at any age.

  1. As a Dad, give more support, less advice. Read more
  2. Do things together, just the two of you. Read more
  3. Be truly present when you are with your daughter. Read more