What Drives Men Insane



At this point in the evolution of man, as society became more organized, the rules were starting to change counter to man’s traditional instincts.  Where dad’s instinctive “protector” role was once heralded as heroic, the development of organized society redefined that type of behavior as “hostility” and “aggression”, unacceptable in the modern world.

 Instead of survival of the fittest, (let’s settle this outside, like real men do), now there were “rules” for society that went counter to how a man is wired. 

The world was starting to become complicated for many men who could not reconcile how their instinct was telling them one thing but society was telling them something completely different.

The resulting emotional turbulence tortured many men into a kind of insanity that overwhelms the senses.  This type of “overwhelm” persists in many men (and dads), even in today’s world.

Suddenly, there was a conflict between taking action himself (survival) and leaving it to the laws and customs (also survival). In computer terms, it’s called a do-loop, where the computer gets stuck, locked up, frozen. For many men, the brain locks up.

This is an assault on the most vital of senses — survival.

So, for the first time in the evolution of man (and dads), a formalized process had to be followed whereby, to protect his family, a dad was required to not take matters into his own hands, even when every cell in his body was telling him he must. Instead, he was required to suppress his instinct, and allow the due course of civilized law to do what this man knew with every ounce of his essence, was his job to do.

So, with the introduction of formal society, man had lost or at least distorted his primary reason for being – protection of the family or tribe.

 In a soft way, fighting for survival had now become supplanted by, earning a living, which was significantly removed from the harsh realities of the past.

And thus began dad’s tumble into a world of role-confusion.