Over 49

STAGE 10:  Age Over 49 – Maturity

Defining factor:  She has a somewhat defined life, may be approaching meno-pause, may be searching for meaning in her life. If she has children, they may be moving away from home, providing her more free time to reflect on her life.  She may be calmer and more available than in previous decades.


Observations From 101 Dads of Daughters

  • Now that I’m older my daughter has gotten closer to me.
  • This generation is not as connected to family as past generations.
  • Dads are expected to more open and sensitive than in past generations.
  • Now that we’re both older—my relationship with my daughter is better.
  • I’m her biggest fan.
  • My daughter is able to confide in me.
  • It’s difficult when I know that my daughter is struggling.
  • Because we all live so far apart—our relationships suffer.
  • We try to stay connected as a family despite the distance.
  • Except for babysitting—I’m not that important to my daughter.
  • Now that I’m older my daughter is my caretaker.
  • Her illness has brought us closer—at my age I love being needed.
  • I love being a grandfather.
  • In the end—nothing is more important than family.



“[My relationship with my daughter] is probably closer today than ever.  My age has brought people closer to me because they figure, time is running out so they’d better take advantage of it.  They don’t say that, but I’m sure that’s in their mind.”

Walter, eighty-one year old father of a fifty-six year old daughter and three sons

“[Even though my family is scattered geographically], we all get on a [Skype] conference-call at least once a week.”

George, seventy-five year old father of fifty-two year old daughter and two sons; also later became stepfather of another daughter (when she was a teenager) and a stepson