Social Experiment

Help us change lives… starting with yours!

For women, we invite you to try this simple exercise, of taking your own dad through the Daddy Questions (below). Also, invite someone you know to try them with their dad.

For dads, have your daughter interview you using the Daddy Questions (below).

Don’t be fooled by the seeming simplicity of this.

Most who’ve tried this (even those with a lesser-relationship to their dad or daughter) have commented at how surprised they were afterwards, that such a simple exercise could have such an impact—sometimes small, sometimes profound, but always significant.


Read or listen to a few of the interviews and excerpts. (Interviews)


Print out the “Daddy Questions” (below) and use them to interview your dad.

Select the questions that most apply to you.


Let us know what happened.

By sharing your experience and ideas, you may also help another daughter and her father in ways you may not even realize.


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